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 Crew Registry

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PostSubject: Crew Registry   Crew Registry I_icon_minitimeTue Jan 15, 2013 4:08 pm

Submit Character Sheets of any crew members you will be playing here. If creating a race not already specified in our Racial Database, please add it there. Should be pretty simple since most of the racial info is needed in the Crew Member File. Thanks!

Consider this your crew application! I'll review what you post and suggest any changes I think might be interesting or necessary over a Personal Message. I'll try to bend the RP conditions in any way that can make sense to have the character of your dreams make sense! I'll change the back story eight times before I will ever dream of making you change something you love about your character!

If you get stuck on any of this info for your Player Character/Avatar, just submit what you get done and we'll all help you out with some fresh perspective! Or PM me and I'll see what I can do.

Please provide an estimate of how active you plan on being. Ex: Once a week, twice a week? Every day?

-Crew Member File-

Full Name:

Nick Name: Subject to change in RP

Race: Use one that is already present or create your own!

Age: (In Terran (Human) Years)

Sex (If applicable):

Origin World, System, Galaxy: Where your RACE is from

Home World, System, Galaxy: Where your individual CHARACTER is from

Position Title: Feel free to make one up if you don't like the ones listed in the post below

Physical Traits: Include color of any applicable features, and a short description of limbs, body shape, and the demeanor/ aka “air” about the crew member

Registry of Racial Traits: Abilities or Aptitudes caused directly by racial qualities (include why and how if possible)

Registry of Personal Talents: Specialties and Aptitudes caused by sheer luck

Registry of Skills: Skills are any and all aptitudes for action caused by training

Known Shortcomings and Faults: Subject to extension through RP

Prior Ship Experience:

Languages Spoken: Common not required, but preferred

Weapon Registry: Required to register any lethal armaments with Chief of Security (Keep up to date)

Behavioral Data:

Staff Registry: List all subordinates and a brief description of their physical and behavioral traits (NPCs secondary to your primary character. Other people will be able to speak for these, so be as descriptive as necessary here)

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PostSubject: Current Crew Registry   Crew Registry I_icon_minitimeTue Jan 15, 2013 5:06 pm

Any unfilled positions will either be delegated as a secondary responsibility to the best suited Player Character or be delegated to a Non Player Character.

If a position you like is taken, feel free to suggest a new position or request a cooperative or subordinate position assignment with another Player Character in the same field. Nothing is set in stone.

-Current Crew Registry-

Captain: Otis Tessera Hiram
First Officer:
Right Lieutenant:
Left Lieutenant:
Chief of Security: Skaq Morillion
Chief of Science Klashin Muri Quebaca
Chief of Engineering:
Chief of Medicine:
Crew Mediator:
Away Team Leader:
Communications Specialist:
Navigation and Surveillance Operator: Doland Visar
Low rank positions also available (will add as convenient to RP)
(More positions may arise pending RP and member suggestion)

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PostSubject: Klash - the Shnaru Cyborg   Crew Registry I_icon_minitimeTue Jan 15, 2013 6:42 pm

-Crew Member File-

Full Name: Klashin Muri Quebaca

Nick Name: TBD

Race: Shnaru/Cyborg

Sex (If applicable): Male

Age: 34 Terran Years

Origin World, System, Galaxy: Hrath, Ottaris System, Draconi Galaxy

Home World, System, Galaxy: Hrath, however he moved to Terra following his assignment to TX2-447, the Terran Teraforming Project.
Position Title: Chief of Science

Physical Traits:
Large, muscular frame - large biceps, defined forearms, large lats/back, large quads and calves, normal length appendages, large hands and feet
Stands slightly hunched like a Gorilla
Magenta skin with dark red hair covering his body.
Left Half of face/head is cyborg - metallic jaw, one replaced eye, however none of scalp/top of the head
Hands are large and have short claws, right hand is a cyborg replacement matching a Shnaru hand
Both legs are his own, as are both feet
Right hip is cyborg - again matches basic Shnaru physiology
Upper right bicep is half cyborg to hold the muscles together
Orange eyes
Can wear clothing that is tailored to body size
Stands: 2.3m when fully upright, often thought to be 2.2m due to the slight hunch
Weight: 120 kg

Demeanor: Confident yet controlled, approachable and friendly.

Registry of Racial Traits: Shnaru, due to their immense size and bulk, are immune to stuns from stun guns and all but the highest electrical charges. Instead, most individuals realize that the only way to take down a raging Shnaru or one on the run is to shoot to kill. As such, Shnaru criminals are known for fighting to the death when cornered rather than attempting to run away.

Shnaru are also fairly resistant to most poisons and diseases due to the jungle environment of Hrath.

Registry of Personal Talents: Abnormal strength (even for his race)

Registry of Skills: Talented scientist, impeccable techwar (an advanced form of chess) player

Known Shortcomings and Faults: Breaks a lot of things due to abnormal strength, poor shot with a gun (assuming he doesn't break the trigger when pulling it)

Prior Ship Experience: D.A.F. Guerrilla, a class C combat vessel tasked against the insurgency in M20.003 for 4 years, the D.A.F. Darwinis, a class B research vessel tasked with joining the Terran Teraforming Project in M20.008

Languages Spoken: Common, Hrathi

Weapon Registry: Shnaru Peace Club

Behavioral Data: Calm, enjoys playing TechWar, reading, and researching scientific mysteries. Slow to anger, quick to defend the innocent, friends, family, and allies. Sleeps less than he should, often quite happy and sociable. Enjoys meeting new people and learning about them. ,

Staff Registry: Troll - a C7Z Research Droid to help him with research and handling....fragile...items in the lab.[b]

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PostSubject: Otis Tessera Hiram   Crew Registry I_icon_minitimeTue Jan 15, 2013 9:33 pm

-Crew Member File-

Full Name: Otis Tessera Hiram

Nick Name: Captain, Sir

Race: Auronite

Age: 52 Terran Years (approximately 30 Auric Cycles)

Sex (If applicable): Male

Origin World, System, Galaxy: Auron, Tanos System, Etheract Galaxy

Home World, System, Galaxy: Defflo, Tanos System, Etheract Galaxy

Position Title: Captain

Physical Traits:
Body Type: Thin Bipedal Humanoid of average height

Height: 1.83 Meters (about 6 feet)

Weight: (Uncalloused) 82 kg (about 180 pounds)

Eyes: Three eyes; two like a human, a third on the forehead. All Auronites have blue-gray irises and their eyes function similarly to Humans with mild differences in ability that vary between individuals.

Hair: Silvery white and thick, but exclusively at the top of the Auronite's head aside from a short braided beard on his chin. His hair is in a well kept topknot that is ornamented with a thin black metal band that marks his status in the Auronite culture.

Skin: Skin color is a dark beige. Auronite skin is porous and soft, much like human skin with the exception of calloused areas that become nearer to bone tissue near the surface.

Brief Description: Otis is a lean, fit Auronite who has his third eye open more than most. His face is longer than a human's. His skull has a brow that extends up in a half circle to include his third eye. His nose is thin and less sensitive than humans, with two small ridges forming on the bridge. His long face leads down to a pronounced, narrow chin with a short, braided beard clasped at the end by two black beads of the same metal as the band holding his topknot.
He exudes an airy confidence yet often seems to be in his own little world.

Registry of Racial Traits:
Ocular trait: Three eyes provides a better range of vision than humans when all three eyes are used. Each eyelid functions separately and oftentimes only one or two are open. If an eye is closed for a long period of time, it will be well adjusted to the dark to a slightly greater degree than a human eye.
Trade-off : This also makes it more sensitive to light.

Callousing: Much like humans, Auronite skin changes to protect exposed areas of the body. However, this callousing happens at a more accelerated rate than a human and can become harder than their bone tissue with consistent exposure to harm, much like a shell. This allows for adaptability to harsh environments over time.
Trade-off : Over-calloused areas of the body are heavier and less flexible, sometimes causing muscle strains and mild cramping if not rested. They can also be the cause of serious circulation problems that lead to numbness and eventual death if not operated on by a medical professional. Therefore extended exposure to harsh elements and frequent physical combat is ill advised.

Registry of Personal Talents: A good sense of adventure and a fairly accurate memory serve him. Has a knack for finding the right person for the right job. Much of what he is good at was achieved through discipline and lucky coincidence that provided opportunity to learn.

Registry of Skills: Krav Maga, Navigation charting, Recognizing anomalies in sensor sweeps, Calculation given multiple factors

Known Shortcomings and Faults: Has an inability to come up with plans without outside input. He relies heavily on the knowledge of others to come up with solutions.

He often lets his sense of adventure get in the way of safe decision making. His obsession with a good story sometimes outweighs his better judgment.

He becomes easily attached to unintelligent lifeforms. He has become fond of dogs in the time he spent on Terra.

He has a sense of humor sometimes deemed inappropriate and dry and lets it slip in his official interactions.

Sometimes he disappears to indulge in pursuits and leaves command to his senior officers even when it would be best if he stayed.

Prior Ship Experience: Climbed the ranks in the Auronite fleet prior to their induction to the Daeus Accord. Upon induction, his superiors saw fit to make him a Captain upon review of his commendations while serving his own people's fleet.

Languages Spoken: Auric, Common, Deltan, Mogwine

Weapon Registry:
Sidearm: Auronite Phase Disruptor
In Quarters Locker: XL-909 Modified Mogwi Energy Rifle
Ancient Terran Samurai-Style Shobu Tonto

Behavioral Data : Analytical and calculating, Otis is unimaginative in comparison to some other of his kin, but makes up for it with his ability to reference his studies and experiences accurately. He is always referencing events when making decisions and muses to himself frequently. Sometimes this leads to delusions of grandeur and his ignoring vital information and crew opinions.

Staff Registry:

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PostSubject: Crew Registry   Crew Registry I_icon_minitimeWed Jan 16, 2013 12:38 am

-Crew Member File-

Full Name: Doland Visar

Nick Name: Radar

Race: Ikarians
Age: 20 terran yrs. 87 Inpectus yrs.

Sex: Male

Origin World: Phateon
System: Inpectus
Galaxy: Nylon

Home World: Lekte moon
System: Inpectus
Galaxy: Nylon

Position Title: Navigator and Surveillance Operator

Physical Traits: Hominid. A not so elongated xenomorphic head shape that is semisoft with the consistency of cartilage. Body posture is slightly hunched typically standing in an Igor like pose. Average body build with the face of a human, similarly has 5 fingers on each hand along with 5 toes on each foot although the toes are completely webbed.

Registry of Racial Traits:
Homeworld Conditions: The main planet Phateon orbits extremely close to the white dwarf Inpectus. This planet has 5 similar sized moons that orbit it as electrons would orbit a nucleus. Due to the close proximity of the planets they share atmospheres. The atmosphere consists of a high nitrogen content with trace amounts of oxygen. The terrain is very smooth with rolling plains. Vegetation covers the entire planet. Large areas dip down and are filled with water. Temperature is usually around 30 degrees Celsius. Because the planet is so close to the sun the planet is constantly bathed in radiation which causes a high risk of genetic mutations to outsiders but the native inhabitants have learned to thrive in it. Due to the nature of the planet Ikarians live on they have acquired these traits.
Semi-permeable Skin: Able to absorb free gases. This is sometimes bad when carbon monoxide is present. Has the ability to take in gases and produce sustenance from them.
Low oxygen Breathing: Can survive in low oxygen environments, while an abundance of oxygen can sometimes get in the way of judgment calls. Adapts well to normal oxygen levels but functioning for too long of a period can be exhausting.
Flexible Bone Structure & Organs: Can fit into small confined spaces. Organs are encased in a thick layer of adipose tissue, but highly susceptible to puncture wounds.
Electromagnetic sensitivity: Can sense signatures from a variety of different anomalies. This can be disrupted if there is too much interference.

Registry of Personal Talents: Skillful Figgin player. Excellent haggler.

Registry of Skills: Trained in navigations of all Shuttles and Frigates. Proficient in scanning apparatus’ for oceanic exploration.

Known Shortcomings and Faults: Due to the radioactive nature of the planet which Ikarians hail, they have unstable emotions bordering mild to severe schizophrenia depending on the situation. It doesn’t take too much cause a mood swing when not in a radioactive atmosphere.

Prior Ship Experience: Has navigated science expeditions for Deus Accord searching for new life forms.

Languages Spoken: Common, Ikaceous (unable to be spoken by any other race)

Weapon Registry: Quantum Displacer (energy baton that is used to displace the particles it hits into another dimension). Standard military issue blaster.

Behavioral Data: Doland is a very inquisitive and curious creature. Always in search of knowledge, Doland is always asking questions poking and prodding his companions to gather information despite it being peevish yet playful. This partly comes from his mild schizophrenia which can be triggered by a lack of radiation. On one side of the spectrum he can be speculative and aloof but as soon as he flips he becomes quite the handful, being very blunt and obscure with insults. While on this end of the personality he gains an exorbitant focus and will not sway from the task at hand whether it be personal or in the line of duty. Also the gases that surround him may also affect his mood.

Staff Registry: none currently
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PostSubject: Skaq Morillion   Crew Registry I_icon_minitimeWed Jan 16, 2013 2:32 am

Full Name: Skaq Morillion

Nick Name: Warden

Race: Pau'pon (Pronounced: Pah-OOO-pon)

Age: 39 Terran Years

Gender: Male

Origin World: Pau' (Pah-OOO)
System: Azzrik
Galaxy: Hoag's Object

Home World: Pau'
System: Azzrik
Galaxy: Hoag's Object

Position Title: Security

Physical Traits:

Height: 177 cm

Weight: 30kg

Eyes: Stark Yellow

An owl-like humanoid, his head features are similar to that of a Great Horned Owl, but the color of a Snowy Owl. He is about equal to human height, though lighter due to hollow bones. Fine feather down covers his limbs and longer, thicker feathers flow down his spine and folding wing-like spines on the outer edges of his arms. His neck appears thick due to the white and black spotted hackles which cover the collar of all his shirts. His tri-fingered and one thumbed hands are white and grey speckled, covered in fuzz, and have black pointed claws. His feet are similar in color and shape allowing him to perch easily and move silently. his palms and soles are flesh-padded. He is generally nocturnal.

Crew Registry Owl-look-of-disapproval1_zpsd04190f8

Registry of Racial Traits: Superior dark vision (can see in any light but absolute pitch black), Collapsable wing-like spines on the outer edges of forearms to allow for jumping farther gaps than what a human could, given the landing platform is lower than the take-off platform. Most Pau'pons cannot fly (those who can are considered royalty). Omnivorous, but preferring meat over vegetation. Not all Pau'pons are owl-like. They as a planet are a variety of avian humanoids varying in many exotic Families. Exclusive to his exact Family of Pau'pon, he can rotate his neck at 270º.

Registry of Personal Talents: Exquisite crocheter. Kar'too Gahn on Pau'.

Registry of Skills: A meticulous investigator and a covert jailer.

Known Shortcomings and Faults: Though he somewhat lacks as an interrogator, he makes up for it in his meticulous scrutiny. The Pau'pon as a people are known to be flight-hearted and often flake out on duties. Skaq is often perceived as eerie, but never tries to on purpose. That's just how it comes off.

Prior Ship Experience: Daeus Accord Security for 10 Terran Years until he was promoted to Warden.

Languages Spoken: Pau'pon, IGCT (Inter-Galactic Common Tongue)

Weapon Registry: Ship-localized light switch that can kill every light source in the room it is used (must be installed on each new ship he is assigned). Volt-adjustable taser baton (for multi-race use). Extreme variety of grenades with wildly different effects. Standard-issue D.A. Magnetic Handcuffs.

Behavioral Data: He usually keeps his distance from others, given his hollow-boned form. He's quiet most of the time, but will be courteous when spoken to. Mild-mannered, but always stares at people he's around (whether he is scrutinizing or just interested is never clear). A bit if a recluse, since he is mostly nocturnal, he does most of his investigation work and patrols during the crew's sleeping hours. Vigilant in his work and his guard duties, but given his people, he tends to take longer-than-average breaks when the sleeping of others allows for it. Though he keeps his hobbies to himself, he is not ashamed of them, but proud on a humble level. When focused on what he is doing he is an obsessive perfectionist (this includes hobbies).

Staff Registry: Robin MacClure. A red-headed Terran woman in her late 20s.
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Crew Registry
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